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What is HOCI?

HOCl, also known as Hypochlorous Acid, describes the elements Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Chlorine. HOCl is produced inside the white blood cells as one of the key components of your internal defense system, working to fight infection and bacteria, and enhance the healing process. When produced outside of the body, HOCl offers these same benefits.

How do I use Skin Renew in my skin care routine?

As the perfect cosmetic solution to smooth and clarify skin, this is a versatile addition to your skin care routine. Skin Renew Toner is best applied after washing face or out of the shower, when pores are open. Shake bottle lightly and mist 2-4 times, morning and night. May be used throughout the day, as needed, onto clean, bare skin.

How does HOCI work on wounds / infections / burns ?

HOCl hypes up immune responses, targets bacteria, causes blood to clot faster, and stimulates the migration of keratinocytes (cells of the outer layer of skin) to move in and close wounds and promotes new skin cell growth over wounds.

How does HOCI work on acne?

HOCl targets and eliminates the root cause bacteria, stimulates immunity to germs, and promotes new skin cell growth over wounds.

How does HOCI work on scarring / anti-aging?

HOCl reorganizes scar fiber and activates tissue collagenase enzymes which are responsible for affecting the behavior of the fibroblast cells that lay down scar tissue.