Briotech's Powerful Skincare Products

  • Powered by Hypochlorous (HOCl)

    Briotech is a world-class manufacturer of pure, novel, stabilized hypochlorous (HOCl) with more than a decade of scientific research across the globe, known for their high science rigor and ability to manufacture HOCl with proven purity, exceptional efficacy, and record-breaking stability.  These unprecedented breakthroughs have pushed the science of HOCl forward and have given way to game-changing advancements in health.

    Face & Body Mist

    A calming and soothing face & body mist working to reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness, while promoting overall skin health. Gentle for all ages and skin types.

    Clean Ingredients

    Three simple and safe ingredients: water, salt, Hypochlorous (HOCl). Free of alcohol, oil and additives. An easy application spray for daily use troughout the day

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